Erik de Bruyn

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Wild Mussels is a film full of desire, friendship and romance. A beautiful, raw and lyrical film about "happiness is a foreign landscape". Great dialogues in dry-comical dialect (PAROOL)

A talent as de Bruyn, which worked for five years on his film, is rare in our filmculture, because he unites impossible extremities: genrefilm and art-house-product, realism and mythology, speed and contemplation, regionalism and universality… (NRC)

A vital and self-willed film, with comical and tragical escalating incidents, dream-images and surrealistic enlargements of everyday actions. Shot with flexible virtuosity. (VN)

There is excellent acting, in which especially Fedja van Huet springs a suprise in a much burlier leading part as he portrayed in the Oscar-winning Character… (UTRECHTS NIEUWSBLAD)

A daring, versatile soundtrack… Wild Mussels deserves a place on the rostrum, next to Character and the Polish Bride. In 'Zeeuwse' expression: a dyke of a movie… (HP DE TIJD)


  • Dutch Filmcritics Award 2000
  • CJP Youth Award 2000
  • Nominatie Dutch Film Awards: beste acteur en beste script 2000
  • Beste film, Amsterdam Art Foundation 2001
  • Russian Filmcritics Award Best European Film, MIFF 2001