Trivia: Nederland 1-Televisievormgeving 2000 -2003

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In 2000 A new identity is revealed created by BBC Broadcast.

This is how the BBC Broadcast describes the identity: "After close collaboration with the client we agreed that one of the channel's greatest strategic assets was a deep understanding of the beliefs and values of the Dutch people. This led to the development of our 'head and heart' concept.

The 'head' reflects the Dutch sense of design, which we symbolised by using a large red square set at 45 degrees. The 'heart', used to represent the country's diversity and openness, was expressed by the introduction of people as part of the visual identity.

To integrate these two elements we developed a red square sculpture some 5 metres high which we filmed in a variety of locations, surrounded by the Dutch people going about their daily lives. From this we produced a range of sequences and idents.